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I moved to Bonaire in 2022 following my passion for diving and establishing my own counseling service on regression healing. After 15 years of a career in the corporate world I decided three years ago to develop my autonomy and offer others my services.

During the last few years I felt a spiritual call and found that I am missing something in my life. I realized that others could also be helped by finding the root causes of their struggles, life circumstances and ailments in the same way as I did. I therefore created this business which offers dive tours around the world and the opportunity to be guided through past lives or actual live events which have been forgotten or blocked unconsciously to open the door for healing, a better understanding, inner peace and personal growth.

I am applying my organizational, financial and planning skills that I have developed in my previous career and use them to run my own business. Here I can combine the two, to live and bring together my passions of diving and helping others.

I or rather the spiritual world offers advice, insights and guidance to clients and travel members. Also, never forget the healing capacities of the sea and the waters!


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