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Oliver is a professional PADI Dive Master who specializes in both Dive Tours around the world in cold and warm waters along with Regression Healing Therapy.

He focuses on offering each group of travelers the best opportunities whether it is diving, visits to beautiful landscapes in the water or on land. In addition - the history and culture of the respective area or country and also provides the option of a Regression Healing Session during the journey.

As Oliver himself is very spiritual you will get the opportunity to discuss many diverse topics with him on a global/personal level. Oliver is interested in developing long-term relationships and connections with his travel companions/clients. This is of course based on the highest level of trust and is an additional service he offers.

His vision is to bring diving, spiritual growth teachings and regression healing together in one easy package. He acts as a facilitator for personal growth and supports clients on their path to abundance, health and happiness. Oliver would like to welcome you into a relaxed, joyful, peaceful and loving energy!


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