Encompass Diving


Each journeys focuses on the joy, the beauty and respect for the water environment. Therefore it is necessary that all travel members who are diving with us have an open water certificate with experience. In some of our travels and depending on the group we require an advanced open water certificate. The main reason for this, is that we utilize in some journeys fully the 30 meters, drift and decompression dives. The journeys are not about teaching diving . Let's have fun exploring the waters and making safety our first priority.

Therefore other important points:

It is not necessary for a certified diver to sign a medical statement.
However, we encourage everybody to read the medical statement form carefully and if you feel there is a “yes” in one of the questions you should previous to your trip consult a diving doctor that you are able to dive. Only then you should sign the liability and assumption of risk form.

Another general requirement, is that we ask that participants have a moderate level of English. This is in order that no one feels excluded at any time. We at encompass diving feel it is important that we come together in a group and share our views, perspectives and experiences and that nobody feels excluded because of language barriers.

On a lighter note; feel free to bring your positive energy, love, passion, laugh and joy to the group.

We would love to welcome you! ☺