Regression Healing NOTES

Regression Healing


The offered service and method is an alternative offer to self-experience and the activation of your own self-healing powers. Open your heart and check with yourself whether you are in resonance with this approach. Stay curious and prepare yourself for a new experience that is ready for you to be shown at the end of a session.

Please note that I am guiding people as a facilitator and that I give healing impulses – I am not treating an illness. This is of great importance: Our Creator heals, nature heals, God heals through Christ, the source heals..... the client heals himself by letting his divine energies work within him. As a facilitator and mediator, I help to activate the self-healing powers in an individual. I am supporting the healing so that the individual becomes whole again in his/her natural blue print state. The method and service offered here does not replace the visit, the diagnosis or treatment by a doctor, chiropractor or psychiatrist!


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