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Regression Healing


What is Regression Healing?

Regression Healing is an approach of treatment that focuses on resolving significant ailments driven by past (life) events interfering with a person's present physical, mental and/or emotional wellness.

I practice this approach for people seeking treatment for their ailments. Through this, their physical and emotional health and their state of mind will be greatly improved by revisiting and re-living the early experiences that influenced the development of these issues.

My approach is based on Chris Turners Regression Healing™ method. He developed his own way based on the origins of Dolores Cannons Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT).

Chris in his own words: ”Be prepared to enter into an incredibly beautiful and very profound world. Absolutely any ailment can be addressed, and any question can be answered for you using Regression Healing™. I have personally witnessed many ailments go into full remission and clients still continue to be doing well many years later. Some of the ailments that I have witnessed go into remission during a session include arthritis, stroke, cataracts of the eyes, 70-year-old food problems, depressions and many more.”